Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spring Seasonal Herbal Baskets from Blue Turtle Botanicals - available for Pre-Order Now

Just in time for Spring rejuvenation and the increase in activity that spring brings to our lives- a package to support you in moving through the transition from winter to spring, and to carry you through the entire season.   Darcey Blue is accepting pre-orders for a Spring Season Herbal Basket- which includes tea, tinctures, salve, flower essences and more!  These products are handcrafted with organic and wildcrafted herbs, and super fresh as each basket is made to order!  The herbs will come in a decorative gift basket, perfect for showcasing the herbal potions as a gift, or great for storage of your medicines while you use them throughout the season. The baskets will be shipped on April 15, 2012, and will include an informational card about the plants in the products, and recommendations for how to use each item- along with a practice and a recipe for tuning in with and supporting yourself in spring changes! 

There are a limited quantity of these unique seasonal baskets available during each season-reserve yours early! 

Viriditas Tea - 2 oz loose leaf tea
Mineral and vitamin rich greens, roots and fruits.  Perfect for infusions daily to nourish, support and green up your body!

Liver Love Tincture – 1 oz
Protect and support healthy liver function to encourage proper digestion, elimination, hormone clearance and healthy flow of blood and vital energy in the body. 

Vital Force Elixir – 1 oz
Replenish, rejuvenate and revive your body- supports the adrenals and endocrine system for healthy stress response, quality sleep, and hormone balance.  Supports healthy happy peaceful mind and balanced energy all day long. 

Salt of the Earth Tonic - 4 oz
A deeply nourishing vinegar based tonic infused with most mineral rich herbs available- including nettles and seaweed!  Rounded out with the mineral boost of blackstrap molasses!

Chaparral Salve – 1 oz
A tried and true favorite - chaparral salve is made from the fragrant and potent leaves, blossoms and twigs of the desert shrub, Larrea tridentata, olive oil and desert sunshine.  This potent healer is excellent on cuts and scrapes, rashes, wounds, burns, bites, stings, acne, cold sores/herpes, fungal skin issues, sun damage, growths.

Spring Transitions Flower Essence - ½ oz essence
A blend of flower and tree essences to ease, guide and carry you through the spring changes and challenges.  Perfect addition to your daily infusion, water or bath in times of spring upheaval or change. 

All this for just $99, including priority shipping right to your door by April 15,  2012!
Also, keep your eyes peeled for the pre-order announcement for Summer,  Fall and Winter baskets later this year!  Each season’s basket will be unique and seasonally timed with appropriate herbs and products to support your health and vitality! 

Questions about ingredients should be sent to Darcey Blue- 

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