Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tulsi Tree Respiratory Rescue Balm

Its that time when nasty respiratory junk is going around.  Here is a quick recipe for a wonderful respiratory chest balm that I've made for folks with cold, stagnant, congested lungs that need stimulating to move the gunk out! I find it is best if used while taking demulcent teas like marshmallow, linden, mulberry leaf, sassafras leaf, or licorice root to keep things fluid and easy to expectorate.

Infused oils of:
1 pt Pine resin
2 pt Tulsi basil
1 pt Ginger root
1 pt Frankinsence
1 pt Myhrr
1/2 pt Lobelia
Beeswax: I use a ratio of about 1 pt wax to 8 pts oils 1:8.  You may wish to use more if you want a harder salve. 
Essential oils of :
Tulsi basil

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