Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Wellness Programs with Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Darcey Blue

* Do you have a health issue or wellness goal you’d like to address naturally?
* Do you long for support and accountability as you are making changes to your life and wellness plan?
* Do you need help planning a diet overhaul to deal with food allergies, weight loss, or chronic illness?
* Do you feel like your health is just not as good as it could be?
* Are you feeling less than vital and happy to be alive and in your body?
* Do you feel overwhelmed by daunting lists of diet, lifestyle and herbal suggestions given all at once?
* Are you ready to commit to yourself and your wellness and do whatever it takes to regain your vitality and spark for living?

"Darcey is an amazing intuitive herbalist who combines her vast knowledge and extensive study of plant medicine with an ancient knowing far beyond anything found in a book. I trust her to offer you a sound and soulful path toward wellness using natural plant based healing."~Latisha

I offer long term personal wellness programs with ongoing support and personal attention - just for you! In frequent, short sessions targeted specifically to your needs and where you are at right now we will address and meet your wellness goals, in small manageable and achievable bite sized chunks!
Big changes can’t be made overnight or without continuing support and accountability. I am here to give you the ongoing support and guidance you need over the long haul to make the changes you want in your health and well-being.
True health and vitality comes in a process of deepening awareness of self, acknowledging and meeting your deepest needs, and small daily steps over time toward life long wellness and vitality.
Your Personal Wellness Program will last between 3 and 9 months, depending on your goals and needs, and can include all your herbal formulas for the duration of your program. We will schedule your sessions for the duration of your program in advance, so you know exactly when we are meeting and we can schedule sessions at your convenience. We will meet in person, in Tucson, AZ or by phone for those at a distance.

"I appreciated that you had prepared for our phone consult and were ready with very meaty advice. I'm usually very nervous on the phone, but it was very pleasant and yet you really stuck to the topic. Not diluting down your time with chit chat. I also appreciated the beautiful write up you did as follow up and have it posted on the wall in front of my face in my work space so that I can remember to follow your advice. I thought it was going to be a pretty challenging case or at least take a good bit of time. Something I had worked on for months was almost completely healed up 3 weeks after talking to you." -Jamie

During the Programs you will receive:
  • ongoing support and guidance from me
  • check in and support e-mails between sessions
  • resources, handouts, recipes, exersizes and practices specific to your needs
  • personal herbal formulas- teas, tinctures, powders, salves, oils
  • nutritional/dietary suggestions and tasty, nourishing recipes with tips on how to incorporate changes
  • flower essences to support your emotional and spiritual self through the work
  • my full commitment to your vitality and well-being and process

"Darcey has always, ALWAYS, answered my plea for help in a timely manner and has totally tuned into what is going on in my life before deciding what would be best for me. When I take the time to tell her, she makes the time to listen and hear what I say… and what I don't say… I trust her skill and intuition explicitly." - Ruthie

Receive a FREE Intention Session Now!
We'll discuss your wellness goals and needs - and the ways I can support you in regaining your vitality and wellness over the next year through the wisdom of the plants and deep nourishment! or call 520-429-2654

Contact me by March 21 to schedule a FREE Intention Session, and receive $75 off your Wellness Program when you sign up by April 1, 2012!
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