Friday, May 23, 2008

What is Vitalism?

In my practice I follow a tradition of healing known as Vitalism. You may find that the suggestions given to you in your session differ greatly from what you are used to and might expect to hear from your M.D. or even some other herbalists.

  • Vitalism is a Life-supporting, holistic system of healing. Vitalism believes that the Life force, a native intelligence, inhabits the body, mind and spirit, and knows best how to heal imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.
  • Vitalism sees the person as an intelligent and vital whole, and respects and works with the unity of body, mind and spirit. One cannot treat just one aspect of a person and expect permanent, true healing. Health problems often show up in multiple aspects of your life. This is easily seen in the connection between stress and ulcers in the digestive system. One cannot treat the physical ulcer alone, and expect a permanent cure without addressing the underlying mental/emotional stress.
  • Vitalism believes that the symptoms of disease are the body’s way of reestablishing balance within the person. The symptoms are not wrong, or bad. For example, a fever is the body’s way of fighting off bacterial or viral infection, and is actually helpful, not harmful. Suppression of a symptom can push health problems deeper into the system, where they may show up later and more severely (i.e. aspirin to suppress a fever, surgery to remove an organ etc.)
  • A Vitalist treats disease symptoms through the use therapies which support the body’s natural processes, for example, allowing a fever to progress naturally and using herbs to promote the comfort of the patient while the body is doing its healing work through fever.
  • A Vitalist believes that the basis of good health and vitality is diet, nutrition and digestive health. The body depends on well-digested food to build tissues and perform biological functions. If the diet is lacking proper nutrients the body will not be able to perform certain processes correctly. Likewise if the digestive system is damaged or unable to function properly, the rest of the body will suffer.
  • One can build vitality and health through lifestyle choices such as; nourishing food, gentle exercise, adequate rest, spiritual development and attention to one’s hearts desire or life calling. Herbal remedies can help support the natural vitality and the actions of the Life force within a person, but will not cure disease without proper attention to diet, rest and other lifestyle habits.


T. said...

I find the notion that we should be so distrustful of our intuition with regards to our own bodies rather sad indeed. You are doing a beautiful service.

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

Darcey, jsut getting caught up. Saw your twitter and thought "come here, come here"...then I see you are in AZ not

Safe travels. So proud of you getting through NAIMH.


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