Monday, May 12, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

This has been a week of amazing intensity. I can feel the fires of transformation and change burning all around. I can hardly stand to sit still. Right now out my window, the wind is blowing down off the Rocky Mountains preparing for another storm. Some say snow, some say rain. Either way, it's going to get cold and wet again.

I completed my very last class for my year and half stint at the North American Institute for Medical Herbalism. I can hardly believe the time has passed, so much has happened in this year, so much change, growth, and challenge. I'm sad to be leaving behind the friends I made here while in school. We had an amazing time, growing and learning together, but now it is time to spread our wings and fly on our own. Good bye herb school! An ending.
I think I'm finally done with getting more schooling to inflate my self confidence. I may study a few things here and there, or a lot all the time, as I always love to learn about herbs, health, healing and living, but no more long term school commitments like this one. I know enough, I am enough, I do enough...I can share my gifts with the world already.

And so, off I go, to open a new practice by myself, and hopefully help people with herbs and nourishing foods in Tucson, AZ. The wild Sonoran desert and Sky Island mountains call to my free spirit. A beginning.

My last day of work was this past week, and now I'm 'jobless" and paycheck-less. No one came to replace me, and I'm leaving town to open my own practice.An ending. I feel afraid, but also excited. I have no excuses as to why I can't make my own business thrive, I have nothing else to do now, but DO it. A beginning.

My sweeties mom passed away this weekend, and he's off on an aeroplane to attend the funeral and tend to family business. An ending.

But as soon as he comes home and I graduate, we're off together, free as the birds, to do as we please with our lives from here on out, whatever it is we decide to do. A beginning.

I've packed away all my many tinctures, oils and jars of herbs, passing some on to friends who might use them, gently settling them in boxes with padding to protect them on the journey home. I always hate packing them away. I cant get to them when I need them when they are packed away in boxes. I have a few important items in small tincture bottles easily accessible, but the majority are packed up. I haven't spent much time making medicines this past year with school and work, but my fingers are itching to do so, and I'm looking forward to the wonderful plants of the desert from which I can make healing medicines.

I'll probably first put up a Large jar of chapparal oil, as I have classmates who will want some, and clients from all over who use it for all manner of things.

So here I sit, sipping on some sweet linden flower tea harvested last June with my favorite classmates, contemplating the endings, and the new beginnings coming my way.
It's always challenging to be in a time of transition, neither really here, nor there, not sure what is around the next bend, but just wait and see, and hold on for the ride.


Wendy said...

Congrats Darcy! That must be such a wonderful feeling: new open horizons!

I am in a similar 'feeling' situation, I have just moved to a farmhouse and now that I have set my dream in motion - its a big huge horizon to finally "open" with a grand opening celebration, etc.

Dreamy and scarey. You are already a great herbalist, it will be fantastic! The people need you! They need us!

Shamana Flora said...

thanks sweetie! It is scary and exciting wonderful all at the same time isn't it??
I'm trying to relish this in between place a bit, without a lot of expectations and demands on my time and energy. It will get much busier once we get back to tucson, but for now, I'm just being here with it now. And enjoying the moist , cool spring rain. ( it will hot and DRY in tucson!)

Heather ~ Wild Vitality! said...

I will miss you so very much! You have nothing to fear, Darcey! Your gifts shine to the world, and resonate with those who need them. You will be just as busy as you want to be, I am sure of it.

Enjoy your in-between time. This is the place where magic happens!

I would like to pre-order a quart of chaparral oil, and as much mesquite flour as you are willing to send me, when it comes your way again. :) See, busy already!

Shawna Greenway said...

Congratulations Darcy~

Sounds like such an exciting and butterfly filled place to be.......

Denise said...

I wish you both all the best in your new adventures, though I'm sorry about your partner's loss. Moving is tough, but there's nothing like getting back to where you belong. I haven't found my "place" in life yet, so I envy you.
Thanks for such a beautiful blog-I look forward to reading more from you in the future.
You both have a safe trip, and God bless! :)

Shamana Flora said...

Thank you heather denise and shawna for your kind words and good thoughts. The only constant is change right??? So might as well embrace it, in all its forms....from lving to dying, stillness to movement, cool and wet to hot and dry....

do you have a n oil preference heather for your chaparral??
i used to do it in olive always, but have been playing with sesame, and have always wanted to do chpparal in jojoba, but is kind of pricey. I'd be happy to do that for you, just might up the cost a bit...

Michelle said...

Wow, that IS intense. But I know you will thrive! Bright blessings as your new chapter begins.

"The mother of us all, the oldest of us all, Hard, splendid as rock, Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth"~ Rumi ~