Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wild Women's Gathering

I'll add another shameless plug for my friends and mentors at the Anima Center in the Gila of Enchanted New Mexico. The annual Wild Women's Gathering is next month, and I encourage any woman to attend for a magical , bliss-filled, healing, empowering week.
Here's a little tid bit for you from Loba.

And here's my own little tidbit!

Spontaneous celebratory song- it really blew my mind, and touched my heart, and spoke to my soul, the way we came together, several times, to make song. Just starting with a simple drumbeat, gentle toning- and we made music! I sensed, in myself, and from the other sisters, that we were touching a very primal, ancient place within us. That place that feels the rhythms of the world, the heartbeat of the earth, the music in the sound of the wind, in the presence of a grandmother tree, and the rhythm that unites us all. As sisters we have the power to hear and call forth those ancient rhythms that connect us all, to each other, and the earth around us. I felt the “Tribe” as we hollered, shouted, sighed, sang, letting ancient and long repressed sounds release from our bodies and lungs. I have never sung with such abandon, relishing the sound of the yelps and howls coming from my lips, and from everyone else’s!!!

The rhythm of the drums induced a mild trance state, for me, and I felt more in touch with my INNER beingness, and with the ONENESS of the earth than I ever have. Energy flowed through me, from the sun, the earth, the wind, the sisters, the ancestors. When we sang to the wind I felt her cool breath blowing gratefully. I felt the ancient heartbeat of that Grandmother Tree under which we gathered. Oh the honor to be able to feel such a connection, with HER, and with my sisters. Each one free from restraints, self-consciousness, or fears. We were purely ourselves, vessels of energy and passion, manifesting in such unique and beautiful ways, drummers, dancers, singers and fiddlers! I am so grateful for that gift that we shared, that you all gave to me. How many long years have I held that sweet and powerful voice inside? Afraid to be heard, afraid of being not “good enough”, and perhaps even a little afraid of the release and power I knew it could produce. I’ve tried before, with friends and loved ones, to sing, to let that voice free, and ended up in tears. Feeling I wasn’t doing it “right”, or just feeling guilty that I had ignored and buried this gift for so many years.

There was no “wrong” way or guilt in our miraculous songs. Harmony, discordance, rhythm, silence, cracks and smoothness…they were all full of so much heart, so much integrity, so much intention, intuitive, present, and authentic self.

By the light of a single candle in the dark, beneath a sacred and ancient tree, the primal tribe of sisters; women of power, and women of intention; came together, to invoke their own power and authenticity, and reach out and feel their connection to each other, and to the sacred earth.

I am so grateful for this gift given me by my sisters, and the great Mother, to revive my gift of song, fully, powerfully, and intentionally! Thank you!

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Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

It would be so nice to attend this year. I hope an open door comes my way. But if not, I look forward to you writing about it
Love KR

"The mother of us all, the oldest of us all, Hard, splendid as rock, Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth"~ Rumi ~