Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ayurvedic Yummy Concoctions

I went to the Indian market yesterday and bought a jar of Gulkand. Gulkand is a lovely rose petal jam made with sugar and rose petals. In Ayurveda Gulkand is a pitta pacifying delicious treat. It's good for cooling off hot and bothered tissues, and conditions, or even individuals with a pitta nature. Particularly good in the summer heat.
Gulkand can be eaten on crackers, toast or off the spoon. But this morning I made a lovely concoction of gulkand, powdered shatavari ( asparagus root), and cardamom seeds in warm almond milk.

If you dont mind floating rose petals you can drink it as is, or strain out the solids before drinking.

Taking herbs in milk is a very common way of administration in ayurvedic medicine, it is a nourishing food in and off itself and helps carry both fat and water soluable compounds into the body. It can also moderate the dryness of certain herbs that might be too drying for certain people.


Heather ~ Wild Vitality! said...

Wow, that sounds so good! I need to powder my Shatavari and get going with the goodness! Where is this market you speak of?

Shamana Flora said...

valmont and 28th. in the shopping center w/ mariposa and the gas station near school. Nice people there too...wanted to give me his curry recipie like 10 times.

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