Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Making of Good Ghee


plantainpatch said...

Hi Darcey,

Your ghee looks great. Have you found that those with casein intolerance can handle ghee?

Shamana Flora said...

yes, so far, I've seen at least three folks who are lactose/and caesin intolerant/allergic do just fine on ghee. You have to make sure ALL the milk solids are removed from the ghee,otherwise it could be problematic.

plantainpatch said...

Excellent! I know you really understand intolerance and allergies so I appreciate your input. I got some local organic butter this past week and am planning on making ghee.

Thank you!

Shamana Flora said...

YUM! I love ghee so much. It just takes a lot of patience, my las batch had sooooo much milk in it, it took nearly two and half hours of low simmering to evaporate the liquids and congeal at the bottom of the pan. every butter is different, some are very fiesty, and others are mellow.

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