Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner Creations

Waking up to a snowy blowy christmas day was such a treat. The perfect kind of day to spend in the kitchen with my sweetie whipping up a masterful christmas feast.

It's become our family tradition to have Duck at the holidays, so Darin set to work roasting a duck. To accompany our duck feast, he made a sweet orange thyme sauce we drizzled over the cooked duck on our plates.

Green beans and mashed potatoes of course, and the most fabulous Cranberry Cherry Orange sauce and and Gluten Free shitake and pecan stuffing!

The cranberry sauce was easy, just cranberries, frozen cherries, juice and zest of one orange, sugar, and a touch of clove. So delicious, and a perfect complement to the orange sauce on the duck.

The gluten free stuffing was MY crowning glory ( hard to surpass a fresh roasted duck though!) here's the recipie for your GF pleasure!

Pecan Shitake GF Stuffing
(serves 4)

1 c cooked Rice
¾ + ¼ c Pecans
¼ c Walnuts
1/8 c Sunflower seeds
¼ large onion, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped
1 tsp Sage
1 tbsp Ghee
½ tsp Salt
Pepper to taste
1 c Bird broth
1 ½ c frozen sliced Shitake mushrooms
1 egg

In a large skillet cook onions, celery and sage, salt and pepper in ghee until soft.
Process ¾ c pecans and ¼ c walnuts and ¾ c of shitake mushrooms in a food processor into a coarse paste. Use a little broth to aid the processing.

Mix cooked onion and celery, and the nut/mushroom paste with the rice. Add the remaining nuts, mushrooms, broth and 1 egg to the rice and veggies. Mix well. Put into a casserole dish and bake at 425, uncovered for 35-40 min, until the top is browned and the middle is stiff.

Serve with bird and cranberries! Yum! Gluten free goodness!

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