Friday, December 07, 2007

Fruits for a snowy winter day or Heavenly Heart(h)warming Formula

It's snowing today, wet, cold, drippy snow. It makes the roads wet and the grass slightly white, but it isnt sticking much. Just melting, but it is plenty cold out. I'm tired, my heart aches for my loved one who is confused and sad. I feel sad too. I came to school and saw the elder berries on the counter, and decided to make something with elderberries. At first I thought just a honey paste with elderberries. Then saw some other things for a heart soothing, body warming, rich fruity concoction, perfect for depressing winter weather.

I powdered mine, and added honey to make a paste. But stirred into hot water it makes a lovely tea.

Heavenly Heart and Hearth Warming formula
2 oz elderberries
1 handful rose buds
1/2 oz hawthorn berries
1/2 oz orange peel
2-3 pinches of ginger root

mix together and powder, or use whole herbs as a decoction, simmering for 10 min or so. Stir the powder into hot water for tea. Eat honey paste off the spoon, or top crackers or toast.


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