Saturday, October 06, 2007

Local grass fed meat- hooray!

So, today after doing a nice yoga class with Darin at his studio in Fredrick, we headed down the road to Dacono to find Rocky Plains Quality Meats. One of my classmates reccomended it to me as a source of locally raised grass-fed bison. It was a little bit of a drive, but well worth it.
We walked in to the little store front which was on the owners property, complete with bison herd grazing in the pasture. We walked in and were greeted immediately by Phil, who explained all about his quality meats, cuts and sausages, and told us all about the grass fed free range, pork, lamb and chicken which is also available there, and a local raw milk co-op! He also has jerky, some locally made condiments bison hides and horns.

We bought a small sampling of meats, including grassfed natural bison liver, and ensured Phil that we would be back for more. I've been longing for a local grassfed source of meat, and now I found one. I walked out of that little store front and felt really good. That is the way business should be done, between local people, caring about their products and their customers, and offering a well needed health giving product. I feel so much better about driving out to Phils place once a month, spending a few extra bucks to support a local ethical rancher, for excellent good for me meat, rather than at the Mega Whole Oats mega market.

Yay! Liver for dinner!!!


Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

That is excellent! I am so lucky to be able to get meat from relatives who have grass fed cattle, it is so much better than store bought! Takes some a while to get used to the taste of "real" meat LOL, I like it much better.

Shamana Flora said...

oh god, I think it is so much more tasty! And so much more nourishing to our bodies and our souls. Animals raised in kindness and happiness have much better energy and nourishment for our soul bodies ust as wild meat has yet another level of soul nourishment and health giving properties for our bodies. Grocery store meat is the pits.

"The mother of us all, the oldest of us all, Hard, splendid as rock, Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth"~ Rumi ~