Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quiet time

This morning I'm sitting in a very small town on the edge of the Great Plains. The Rockies are a good 30 miles away, there a beautiful view of the rocky peaks, bare of trees, and naked of the snow that fell last week.
Darin was teaching a yoga class this morning, and this town is small enough there wasn't anything else open where one could sit and read a book. So I wandered about, found a park. I sat on a swing and embraced the quiet. Yes, I'm still in a town, and the drone of a small plane practicing stalls in the air still sounded. But it was quiet. The kind of quiet you NEVER hear in the big city.
I just swung on the swing, watched that plane climb straight up, and then free fall, over and over, felt the cool fall morning air, and warm sun on my skin. Suprisingly enough, when I came back to the car, and turned on this box, there was a WiFi somewhere about.
It was another unseasonably warm day yesterday, and today promises more of the same. But I'm feeling inclined to put the garden to bed today.
Tiny baby spiders keep landing on my hair. The town is waking now, lawnmowers and kids on bikes. The quiet spell is broken.

My mom is in Tibet this week. I hope she's having an amazing time.

I know this blog is suppossed to be about herbs. I dont have much to say about herbs at the moment. I'm drinking tea of wild yam, ginger and wood betony for menstrual cramps. The Wild Yam tinctures I've used help some, but the tea or decoction seems to be much better. what's all the hubub about tinctures these days. So many times the teas work better. But not always. I'm always making tinctures, but I think I'd rather move away from them and use teas when possible. Though it is important to have things on hand like tinctures for when you need something NOW.
I'm rambling.
We're supposed to do a thesis on materia medica for NAIMH. I've got to pick one herb. How does one pick just ONE herb to write a thesis on? I'll want to pick soemthing multi faceted and used in multiple cultures/healing systems. I could pick something local....
my top picks at teh moment are Elder, Rose, Yarrow, or maybe a tree like Pine or Juniper.

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