Monday, September 03, 2007

Paring down the apothecary pt 2

Here's the list of bulk herbs i'm trying to get rid of. I'm selling for the low low price of 1$/oz, any herb. Of course, I have varying amounts of these herbs listed, some in large quantity, some in smaller quantity. If you are interested, please e mail me and we'll work out a deal.
next week i go through the tinctures!

Blessed Thistle
yerba mansa
yerba santa
lady's mantle
oatstraw (w/c by me)
slippery elm
anise hyssop
pluerisy root
roastd chicory rt
oregon grape rt
goldenrod leaf (w/c)
partridge berry
red clover ( LOTS!)
sequoia needles
walnut hulls (w/c)
dandelion lf
chapparal leaf (w/c)
yucca root (w/c)
monarda fistulosa lf
dulse flakes
licorice root
yellow dock
lemon peel
usnea (w/c)
alkanet rt
hawthorn berry
rhamnus brk (coffeeberry ) (w/c)
valerian rt

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