Sunday, June 17, 2007

Soothing Skin Remedies:Blog Party

Its another blog party. This month we're sharing our favorite skin saving remedies. Summer time is full of perils for tender skin, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, burns and rashes.

here are some of my favorite skin remedies

Plantain Itchy Spray
I made this as a topical itch remedy for nasty mosquito bites that get red and itchy. I found the more I touch the site, the itchier it becomes, so a spray comes in handy.

2 oz fresh plantain tincture( you can do this in rubbing alcohol to keep it cheaper, if you like.)
5 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops peppermint essential oil

put in a 2 oz spray bottle, and spray away on all your itchy spots. This works really well for itchy heat rashes, or other itchy rashes. I've not tried it on poison ivy though.

My favorite burn balm, perfect for sunburns, or burns from grills, or whatnot is as follows

1 pt poplar bud oil
1/2 pt calendula oil
1/2 pt st johns wort oil
beeswax (1:5 is a good ratio of wax to oil- so lets say you have 5 oz of oil, use 1 oz beeswax etc)

mix all the oils, and the beeswax in a double boiler, and melt thoroughly. Pour into glass jars and cool. Rub on all over burns liberally.

Aloe vera gel mixed with a drop of lavender and peppermint oils is a nice burn rub too, to cool off.

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