Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Wonderful Wisdom of BEES!

I'm so excited. This week I found a local mom and pop bee keeping family in Tucson! For so long I've wanted to locate a local source for beeswax for use in salves, and for delicious raw local honey. But not only that, they have bee pollen and propolis! I'm so thrilled. Tonight I came home with a nice sized chunk of propolis and a bag of 8 oz of bee pollen!!! HOLY moly! that is a lot of pollen!

I'll be doing research on how best to process the propolis ( remove bee parts and wood chips) to make it usable for salves and tincturing. I'm envisioning a propolis salve for healing cuts and scrapes....Rich with the goodness of the bees.

More info on bees and bee products to come!

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