Friday, February 24, 2006

Cinnamon Goo

It was supposed to be a cinnamon tincture. I got the hairbrained idea sometime last fall that i wanted to tincture cinnamon. So, after doing some research on proper alcohol :water ratio in tincturing cinnamon, i proceeded to make cinnamon tincture.
10 % glycerine
40% water
50% alcohol

I know cinnamon is a nice demulcent stimualting and warming herb...but boy, this stuff blobby gobby. Cinnamon saliva... or soemthing. rather gross, and slippy feeling. But it sure does taste good; mildly sweet, cinnamon spicey, and very astringent.

I think it will be ok to mix in with other tinctures in formula. But we'll see. Funny things plants do when you're not looking, eh??

Anyone else ever tinctured cinnamon? What was your experience?

i checked out gaia herbs cinnamon tincture at was solid...not really a liquid at all...i'm thinking...hrm....that CANT be right.
Herb Pharm's was very liquidy. 65% alcohol in theirs. Perhaps i just needed to up the alcohol content?


Maria said...

I've had the same experience. I didn't actually make the tincture, it was made by some students at the school where I work. But, it was a gooey blob. I was able to measure it out (without too much mess) and combine it in a tincture mix and it did fine. Same thing happened with the licorice.

jim mcdonald said...

Funny; I was just in Whole Foods and sequestered by an employee there to answer a question, "what is cinnamon good for?"

I, of course, said "bloody diarrhea".

Well, it's true! But I think she was thinking I'd say something more appealing to hear.

Cinnamon used to be combined with canada fleabane for such purposes. I have a tincture of the two - no not gooey - made by Matt Wood.

Glycerine holds many times its own weight in tannins; perhaps this accounts for its gooey-ness...

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