Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Lovers Sale!

Its almost that time- that some people love to love and some people love to dread....valentines day.
But no matter your relationship status - you can participate in LOVE.
Love isn't just about having a partner, making love, or getting roses. Love is shared between good friends, family members, between humans and the great Earth Mama we walk upon.  You can LOVE yourself!   Self love is the most important kind of love there is- loving ourselves well, nourishing our spirits, our hearts and our bodies makes us available and able to share love with everyone in our lives.
In honor of the lovers in us all - that come in all shapes and forms- I'm offering a special Valentine's Day sale at PoppySwap!

Starting on February 1 through February 15- shop at my Poppy Swap store and use the discount code "love4u" for a 15% discount on your entire order!  This is perfect timing for gifting to your loved ones or yourself- and a deeply nourishing and life affirming gift- rather than sprayed roses or unethically mined stones or precious metals.  Though  I am still a fan of fine chocolates!

And a little plug for my sweet dear love friend- Ananda- who has the most amazing perfumery talent.  She has just created and listed some stunning lover's perfumes at Poppy Swap.  You want to treat yourself or your lover to an especially indulgent and affirming gift....I highly reccommend Ananda's perfumes!

Also- stay tuned to, where my sweet sister Meekah Sage has created a rewilding zine for all us wild folk- and in February the issue is all about love- aphrodisiacs and more.  Check it out for an article I shared all about herbal aphrodisiacs! 

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