Monday, November 28, 2011

Plant Medicine Journey Circle - January 26, 2012

Plant Medicine Journey Circle - January 26, 2012- 7pm

Join Herbalist and Plant Whisperer Darcey Blue for an evening exploring the world of the plant spirits. Learn about communicating with and understanding the messages and guidance the plants have for us, and using the plants as spiritual healing allies. We will use various techniques to guide us into the ways of the plant spirits, including drum journey, plant essences, sensory experience, and plant oracles. No experience necessary, this circle is open to all, regardless of experience with plants, herbalism or shamanism. We will explore and experience the plants together. We will delve deeply in how to approach and use plant spirit medicine as a healing tool for yourself and loved ones, including how to prepare plant essences, work with plant spirits in journey work, medicine bags, oracles and more. We will work with a new plant each (monthly) session, no two will be alike! Focus will be on plants growing in the Sonoran desert bioregion and Sky Islands!

Offered by Spirit guided donation.

At the Institute for Shamanic Arts in Tucson, AZ

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