Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sacred Wood: Palo Santo on Sale Now at Floracopeia

Do you love Palo Santo?  Do you know Palo Santo?
Palo Santo is an sacred, aromatic wood from the tropics used for sacred smudging most often, but that has myriad other healing properties as well.
Floracopeia's Palo Santo Package

 I burn Palo Santo each morning to help me ground, center and clear.  Its warm yet sweet smell envelops me as I breathe in peace and calm.   It is the perfect incense to accompany my yoga practice, and brings a sweet feeling of happiness when burned.
Floracopeia Essential OilsBut you can take advantage of Palo Santo in other ways as well, and Floracopeia is offering a GREAT deal on a whole package of Palo Santo prouducts.  It includes a generous bag of Palo Santo wood for burning, essential oil, hydrosol for internal benefits, and an infused massage oil.  What a treat!
If you love Palo Santo- don't miss this one.  On sale ONLY this weekend!!

If the set is a bit large for your pocketbook, you can try just the Palo Santo wood chips for smudging, or just the essential oil.

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