Friday, March 25, 2011

Ode to the Golden Birch

“Come” she whispers, as you wander among the turkey trails in soft spring snow.
“Press your body here, against mine.”
Feel her life blood rising, coursing, flowing, throbbing.
Her golden skin smooth and glowing- like the finest gown of silk.
Peeling away,  revealing her eternal patience, 
Giving of her body to moss and lichen.
Caress her this way- hand to skin, full body embrace.
Let her fill you with sensual pleasure- sweet sap running from branch to lip- a sweet kiss.
Shining goddess of the forest- glowing in the sun, sparkling in the moon glow.
Asking you to root in the muddy earth,
Asking you to open to the serpent kundalini

Rising upward- awakening
That sacred center of yearning and creation.
Sleeping in the forest- through the cold winter night- one eye open-
Beackoning you.  “Come, press your body here, against mine.”


Leslie said...

I am swooning, I am shuddering. Your words are exquisite...

I brought home a fallen piece of shimmering golden birch from one our hikes on Rosemary's mountain, and keep it by my bedside to remind me of the magic...

Shamana Flora said...

Thank you Leslie!

She's a sexy lady that golden birch.

"The mother of us all, the oldest of us all, Hard, splendid as rock, Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth"~ Rumi ~