Friday, March 04, 2011

Agave Nectar-Not so safe for diabetics.

Check out this link to the Glycemic Research Institute.  It says that no more clinical trials with agave nectar for diabetics will be used, because agave nectar isn't so good for diabetics it turns out.  Nor the rest of us.

the take away message- use real foods, and use sweet in small, infrequent portions.  Maple syrup, honey, fruit, or a tiny bit of cane sugar- and only occasionally.

Really a bowl of frozen wild blueberries topped with coconut whipped cream and cacao nibs tops ice cream everyday once you wean off the intense sweetness of sugar laden foods.  Sadly that delicious coconut milk ice cream- yeah- it uses Agave nectar as the sweetener.    Limit your portions! 


lightworker said...

My dad is a diabetic, thank you for posting this!


Christa said...

Yes thanks for posting - I have been trying to get this message out but don't have the exposure you your blog....Christa

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