Saturday, July 03, 2010

Traditional Healing for a Modern World: Intensive Herbal Workshop

Please help us spread the word about this exciting weeklong herbal intensive on the east coast! I have flyers available if you can hang them anywhere (yoga studios, bookstores, herb stores, health food markets, College campuses etc) in New England. Also if anyone from outside the immediate are is interested, we can help set you up with a classmate who would be interested in sharing a hotel or a spare bedroom. Just let us know!


Traditional Healing for a Modern World: Intensive Herbal Workshop
August 2-8, 2010

Throughout history, most people around the world have depended on the plants around them as
medicine for their bodies, minds, and spirits.
Here in New England, we have our own living herbal traditions, drawing from the knowledge and
practices of Native American and European herbalists. Each new generation adds its own insights
and experiences to the mix.
Come spend a week in Boston learning from practicing herbalists whose work is rooted in
Traditional Western Herbalism, informed by science, inspired by the beauty and magic of the living
Earth, and grounded in their own direct experience working with the medicine of the wild, feral, and
cultivated plants that grow around them.
This intensive will provide beginners with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of herbalism,
as well as providing more experienced herbalists with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge
and sharpen their skills.
Topics will include:
❖ Herbal energetics and herbal actions
❖ Plant identification and ethical wild crafting
❖ Nutrition, food allergies, and food as medicine
❖ Techniques for making and using herbal medicines.
❖ Clinical skills
❖ The language and intelligence of plants
Classes will run from 10am until 8pm; dinner is provided.
Tuition for the week is $950.
for more information and a complete class schedule, check out  617.750.5274

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