Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Blog Party: "Adventures in herbalism: What wouldn't we do for our herbs"

It's here! The July blog party: Adventures in Herbalism!  If you have something coming please feel free to send the link and I'll add it!  Still working on my own piece for this!

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Guest post contribution by Robin Rose Bennett-

I was living in NYC and was in Central Park, in the upper 90’s on the east side, gathering yellowing leaves from a tall beautiful Ginkgo biloba tree. There were a few low branches that I could just reach, as well as an offering of freshly fallen leaves on the ground. They looked so vibrant they’d obviously just fallen. I was alternating standing up on tiptoe, body leaning into the tree to gather leaves, and bending down low, bowing to the ground to gather. I was very happy.
     After awhile I sat down on the ground to continue gathering in comfort and soon became aware of a man a bit in the distance, watching me. He wasn’t a park ranger, but I saw he was in some kind of institutional looking outfit, perhaps hospital pajamas. ‘Hmmm.’ I thought to myself. He began coming closer and closer and I could see that he might have recently come from a halfway house or some kind of mental health clinic. I slowly rose back up to my feet and tried to stay so immersed in what I was doing he’d pass me by, but it was no use. I’d gotten nervous and distracted. He was talking to me, or at least at me, not making lots of sense, but clearly looking for a response.
     I turned to him and gave him my full attention. I did what I usually do when I have no idea what else to do in a potentially dicey situation. I told him the truth. I said, “Look, man, I’m really sorry, but I can’t talk with you right now. I’m deep in meditation with this tree. I’m gathering medicine and I’ve got to concentrate, ok?”
     He looked at me and for the first time really focused his eyes for a moment. “Huh!” He said, “Huh!”  He shook his head and looked from me to the tree and back again quite a few times. He began backing away slowly. He muttered something and turned away. Then he turned back quickly,
     “I get it! I get it!” he shouted to me, really excited. “That tree is God!!!!
     I answered him, “Well, in a way, yes, kind of.” 
     He smiled knowingly. “Yeah, I get it.” 
     I smiled back and he began leaving again, got a little farther away this time, then he turned back once more and called out to me,
“Hey! Will you marry me?”
I smiled again. “Can’t,” I told him. “But thanks for asking. I’m going to get back to my tree now.” He nodded, smiled, “yeah, ok.”
     And I did.
 “You sure?” he called out once more. 
 “Yeah, I’m sure.”
So when asked how far we go for our herbs, I guess in remembering this story I see that I’d go so far as to turn down intriguing marriage proposals if they get in the way of my harvest season!

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