Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Tea Rose Antioxidant Cream for sale

I'm going to be making some luscious Green Tea and Rose Antioxidant Skin Cream this weekend, and am taking preorders/prepayment for 4 oz jars of this, if you'd like to take advantage of my creation.
A 4 oz jar will be 25$. It is a lovely antioxidant, skin nourishing, protective cream, especially for use after being out in the sun, or before going out in the sun. Not really an SPF cream, but definitely protective to the skin cells as an antioxidant to prevent skin damage.
It will have a light rose scent from the rosewater in the recipe, but otherwise will have no essential oils/scents added.

ingredients as follows:

sesame oil (organic)
sencha green tea(organic)
shea butter ( raw and unrefined, this has a particular smell on it's own, but it is not rancid or off, just a fragrant nut oil)
aloe vera juice (organic)

If you would like to purchase some of this lovely creation please place your order and send payment by Friday evening, (via paypal to or check/money order) or write to me for a mailing address. I'm purchasing supplies on Saturday, and will be making this on Sunday. Please include 5$ for shipping per 8 oz ordered, if you aren't in the Tucson area. I will ship this Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks all!

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