Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to poach an egg

Ok, so I talked about poaching eggs in a previous post, and I've been eating them every morning for a couple of weeks. Now, i didn't really know HOW to poach an egg, but was just putting the eggs in some simmering water and cooking them. They turned out just fine , in my opinon, but not as pretty as you'd expect. SOmeone told me to spin the water before putting the egg in.
That didn't work too well either. Yolk and white separated by g forces. Not a happy poached egg. (Still tasted fine though!)

So, I went looking for the "real' way to poach an egg.

here's a very simply described process for poaching eggs.

I'm going to try this tomorrow. You too, let me know how it goes!!


zzy said...

I use the skillet & vinegar method, but instead of putting the eggs on a plate, I crack one at a time into a small coffee cup. To add the egg to the water, I lower it in on its side and let the water carry it out of the cup. I get less strings of egg white that way.

My mom has a small egg poacher, something like this that does a lovely job. A little pricey, though.

Shamana Flora said...

oh yeah baby! it works, much better than the big pot of boiling water method!!

Poach on my friends!

tansy said...

i've always done the vinegar method, i love the slight vinegary flavor it leaves behind.

Sadie said...

Thanks for this...I must try the vinegar method....

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