Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rosey goodness and unseasonably warm autumn weather

Today was a beautiful day. Darin and I woke up early, and did some yoga first thing this morning, and then cooked a delicious breakfast of eggs with green salsa and pan fried salmon with cilantro walnut pesto. We went out into the back yard and sat in the sun while we lit a little fire in the chiminea. I decided it was a good day to make herbal treats, instead of doing homework. So I decided that I needed a dose of Kiva's Briar Rose honey paste, with roses, orange peel and cardamom. Talk about a little taste of heaven. I ground up the sweet fragrant pink roses, orange peel and a touch of cardamom into a fine powder, mixed it with warm honey and poured into a baby food jar.
Soo wonderful! Just plain tasty, but nice for cooling a hot constitution while slightly stimulating the appetite with orange and cardamom. Just lovely!

I also decided to make some rose petal herbal lozenges, for sore throats, or just sucking on for sweetness, with rose petals, rose hips, marshmallow root, slippery elm powder, honey and a sprinkle of water to hold it all together into a stiff dough, which I shaped into little lozenges, and dehydrated in the oven with the light on.

I also made a lovely salve with the rose infused jojoba oil I made last spring. Jojoba is nice and light, and I will use this gentle salve on my face as a moisturizer, and all over for a lovely light rose scent.

Then I made a nice comfrey based salve for my sweetie, because I realized, with all the salves I've made, I didn't have a generic comfrey salve for healing. So into the pan went comfrey infused in almond oil, plantain infused seasme oil, and a touch of calendula oil and rose jojoba oil. Soothing, healing, and just what my sweetie needed.

We decided after that to take a little walk down the bike path to the Juice/smoothie place down the way. It ended up being a bit longer than we had thought, but the smoothies were good, and the weather was amazing. It was about 45 on saturday, and today, it was about 75!! We walked down the path, talking to prarie dogs, chirping and wagging fat little tails as we walked by.

Of course, then I got into the cattails and couldn't resist breaking open the brown fuzzy tails into white fuzzy clouds of cattail explosion. I threw them into the air, and they fell down all over us, floating on the wind, in the warm sun. I love playing with fuzzy seeds! Darin says that me playing with the cattails, in the sun, dancing around and laughing and playing brought out my true nature, the Darcey that I really am. Not this mundane go to work , go to school , do homework drone that my life has become. I need to play with cattails outside more often....

It was so nice out we decided we were going to sleep out in the back yard this week. I made a big pot of bison chili for dinner, which we finished off with some dark chocolate.

Quite a perfect day!

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