Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Red Moon Musings

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Early Tuesday morning, at about 3 am, there was a total lunar eclipse visible from the western half of North America. We awoke from our slumber to gaze at the rusty red colored full moon over the Rocky Mountains. I started my cycle that same morning. I find it just slightly intersting that I should start my moon cycle on the full moon, during the total lunar eclipse when the moon is red.

It's interesting also that for the last week I've been sleeping in my car, my body illuminated by the light of the waxing moon, due to wild and crazy circumstances that have conspired to change my life at this time. As of Friday morning, I'll be addressless, unless a place we have our eyes on pans out this evening. Strangely enough, it doesn't worry me as much as it would have a year ago. Sleeping in a vehicle isn't really that uncomfortable, but I do need to find a place for my huge pile of belongings. Finding a place to park a vehicle and sleep in it in this town seems to be a bit more of a problem, but Wal-mart parking lots in the next town over provide a place in case of need.

But back to moon light, moon cycles and eclipses. Someone told me yesterday that the eclipse's astrological effects were mostly negative, and that Tuesday would be a rough day for most people. I thought, wow, I've have a rough past week. My life went into a tail spin of changes, and a period of limbo, where I was sure things were changing, but not sure of when or how. I 'm hoping the completion of the eclipse will wind up this cycle of change in my life...and things will fall into place in the remaining days of this month, as my body bleeds and cleanses all the past months accumulations.

most of my herbs are packed up in boxes, waiting for me to find a new home, so I don't have much to rely on in way of herbs for stress, sleep or other issues. But I've been sleeping just fine illuminated by the natural light of the moon, and awakening with the lightening of the sky as the sun rises. Sleeping in your car puts you closer to the natural cycles of the earth, you hear the rain, the winds, the bird song at dawn and the cycles of light, dark, astronomical phenomena and your body, far more so than on a bed in darkened room shuttered up to the natural world.

It's been strangely comforting to have a place to sleep, even without a 'house" but I'm looking foward to a place to put my too many belongings, and give the space they have been occupying to the woman moving into the place where I have been living. The limbo has been troubling, and the possible inconvience caused to others. And the things I miss the most, out of all the thngs packed up and waiting to be moved, are my herbs to make tea with, and my books.
TIme to get rid of more stuff I think. I'll move it all in one swoop, but as I unpack the boxes in a new home soon, I'll do more getting rid of things. CLothing, knick knacks, etc, but what of old journals, boxes of photos, and keepsakes that I dont want to part with, even if they dont serve a useful purpose in everyday life.


Kiva Rose said...

This is what happens when I'm off the computer for four days, you move into a car and start sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots!!! LOL good for you, brave woman. I do hope you find yourself a homey way to live sometime soon though, whether it's a van, a tent or an apartment. Much love, and a letter coming soon.

Shamana Flora said...

heh! things are looking up, just been a wild ride this past week and a half....a bit stressful, and i havent been very good at taking care of myself...wanna be my personal herbalist?

Tara said...

Storage unit! Lot's of people live in cars and then hang out in their storage units during the day. It could be like the storage unit is your living room/kitchen, and the car is your bedroom.

I'm glad you're not freaked out about the car living this time around.


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