Sunday, August 12, 2007

Harvest Days

Well it's definately that time of year, the garden is beginning to overflow with bounty....I can't even begin to imagine what to do with all the purslane! We're swimming in it. We've pickled some, but I dont know what else to do to preserve it for the winter? Any great ideas? SHort of getting a five gallon bucket and making 5 gallons of pickles.
Of course the proverbial zucchini plant is overwhelming us with giant zuchiniis, and the crookneck is about to start doing the same. Tonight we're having squash blossom fritters, fried crookneck slices, some fresh raw peas, and brats.
Carrots are abundant, beets are swollen and sweet, beans are growing, and the butternut squashes are growing, but still green, promising winter nights full of nourishing goodness. I'm still trying to figure out how to preserve more of this food. I think it might be time for me to invest in a pressure canner.
I mean, I am still swimming in kale. Frozen kale would be ok, but the freezer is broken at the moment, zuchiinii pickles maybe ok but i think canning might be the best way to go on this.

On the herb front, i'm harvesting calendula flowers every other day, but some of them are being eaten by these black beetles. Hyssop is flowering and I have that drying at well. Soon I'll be collecting catnip, marshmallow leaves and flowers for tea, and basil for pesto!
The tulsi basil I planted this spring is growing, but very small yet. Not really big enough to harvest from yet, and I'm kind of counting on harvesting some of all three varieties for tincture,a nd hopefully there will be enough for teas as well.

The chokecherry brandy turned out just amazing, and I'm thinking of getting more this weekend for more brandy. It is just delicious! Wild plums aren't quite ripe yet, but plum brandy is the way to go on that too.

It's dinner time, more on harvesting soon!

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