Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why avocados are great, and another way to eat fish oil

Another great way to get that fish oil down- mixed in guacamole!!
Yup, mixes beautifully with the fat rich avocado fruit, which also happens to be extremely rich in Vit C, calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber. Each avocado has 13 g of fiber! Can you believe that!!
THat is nearly half the daily RDA for fiber( which is grossly under calculated anyway). Ideally we humans should get near 40-45 g of fiber daily, and it has been suggested our paleolithic ancestors got up to 100 g daily!
heres the avocado breakdown :

Eat a fiber bowl in the morning, for 17 g of fiber, an avocado with your lunch, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables through the day, and your set for fiber!

oh yeah, and the fish oil is neatly masked by the avocado and spicy chile and tomatoes. Great combo!

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