Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Herbalist being sick

Not that being sick is EVER fun, but as an herbalist, it gives me a strange thrill to be able to test out my remedies on my own body!

I felt a bit of a sore throat yesterday and took a big quart of echinacea elderberry decoction, which felt nice, but today I'm still sick.
I also used a monarda and myrrh tincture for my throat, and by the end of the day it was dry and scratchy.
Maybe I should have tried the soothing demulcents first? so today its marshmallow, slippery elm and elderflower tea. Ahhhh...sooo soothing!


Henriette said...

Give your immune system a good workout with something benign, eh?

jim mcdonald said...

well hey, while you're in osha land there, why not keep a plug of osha root in your cheek over the course of a day or two? the saliva extracts it well and each swallow delivers the medicine.

And you can hum the bear song all day (heh nah hey ya, heh nah hey ya, heh nah hey e chi oh...)

I'll let you intuit the melody...

Shamana Flora said...

yes, it was pretty benign as far as sniffles go. I'm pretty much over it.
Osha is nice, but anything i'd harvested i'd tinctured. Will have to wait till next fall for more root.
Plus I was pretty dry through this whole thing, althea and elder flowers seemed to do the trick nicely for me, keeping passages open and relaxed, moist and flowing.

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