Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bedtime Tea

I dont usually have trouble sleeping, so bedtime teas aren't something I've played with much. Usually I'll just reach for a bottle of passionflower tincture if I need some assitance shutting down my racing brain. But last night, I just felt like having some bedtime tea...
Rediscovered Wood Betony ( Stachys, not pedicularis) a few weeks ago, and boy did it make me feel nice and relaxed....so, I thought I'd put it together with some things.

This was a purely intuitive formulation, with some conciousness of the temperature/moisture energetics of the plants. Here's what I came up with ....tasty, if I do say so myself..

Wood Betony
and Slippery Elm

I slept like a baby the whole night through, though didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It could have been the late hour I actually did get in bed, rather than the herbs. None of those herbs have ever made me groggy before (unlike hops!).

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