Friday, December 29, 2006

Climate Changes

So, the Desert Medicine Woman is really not a DESERT woman anymore. I've moved to the base of the Rocky Mountains and we're up to our ears in fluffy white snow! YAY!

I grew up near the Rockies with lots of white stuff, and it was a rare treat while in Arizona to see snow, and never like this. Two significant blizzards within a week of each other is considered rare in December. The city folk are whining about the streets not being clear, and I'm thrilled to be snowed in. I know this isnt about herbs. There aren't many green things out and about at the moment...though I've seen lots of buried yucca stalks with last years seed capsules just above the snow. And many mullein stalks too!

I'll probably try making more yucca fiber arts this spring. Maybe a basket? And I'm eager to collect mullein flowers later on this year....but ah, I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, it's down to the kitchen to brew up a warm infusion of life giving nettles, with some warming ginger and licorice, and some warm duck soup.

On another note, now that I'm moved, and the herbs are unpacked and on their new shelves, I'll be working on getting ordering back up and rolling, for anyone who's looking for chaparral salve or otherwise. Options may still be limited for a while since I'll be busy in school, but never hesitate to drop me a line if you need something!

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