Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Equinox

Yesterday was the spring vernal equinox, otherwise known as ostara, and the FIRST day of SPRING! We were blessed with more moisture on sunday this past weekend, and I'm planning on heading to the hills to see if any of the plants have perked up any from the past two rains. I don't expect a lush green world to suddenly appear, but at least for some of the cactus to plump up and get back a bit of a green color.

It is amazing to me how fast the time has passed between winter solstice and the vernal equinox. It seems just a few short weeks ago the world was in the midst of winter and nights were long and dark, but slowly and surely, I've noticed that it isn't so dark outside anymore, and my energy levels are climbing a bit. I'm itching to start new projects, and to get outside more before it gets too hot to enjoy it much!

Spring time in the desert is always pleasant, weather rainy or dry, the temperatures are usually lovely, and many of the cultivated plants in gardens are thriving with the gentle warmth ( and a little bit of rain moisture!) I know that mine are!
The nettles are growing hardy and strong, and I might be ready to harvest a bit to include in soup one of these days, the lavender is putting on flower buds, and the lemon verbena is resprouting tiny little tender leaves from bare stems!

Comfrey is growing like mad after their transplant from Las Vegas ( a friend send me some root starts!) and the echinacea is coming back in full force, like last spring. It had mostly died back to the ground, but as the temperatures warm, up come tender green leaves! I've even nibbled a few and felt that familiar enchinacea alkylamide tingle! Peppermint is growing too, and probably needs deviding and repotting. So many of my plants need repotting! Even the passionflower, which really dislikes the cold has started putting on new leaves and tendrils!

Enjoy spring, and think about how to bring back the balance into your life this week, as equinox is all about hanging in the balance.

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